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Subrato Mandal

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Subrato Mandal did his M.Sc. from Science College, Calcutta University in 1990, and an MBA in Mumbai. He has 27 years of working experience in various corporate houses. He quit his job in 1997 while holding the post of Business Head to launch his startup KonceptogenAgro and dedicated in the mission of saving fast depleting groundwater of India and make precision farming simply & easily accessible to Indian farmers.
He was distressed by various alarming research works followed by reports of The Composite Water Management Index and NITI Aayog concluded that India is running out of the water, and the main reason being over-irrigation in Indian agricultural practice. This motivated him to start the project with the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay.
He closely worked with the IIT-B team for more than 3 years for the development of the geoBHUMI the device both in laboratory & field trials at various farmer’s farms. He is in close touch with research scientists & Agronomists for the development of data useful for the farmers. He is giving lectures in seminars in farmers associations and also rural & urban colleges to create awareness among young brains of India.