The soil moisture is the water that is present in the spaces between soil particles.

Excess water rots the plant roots, causing decreased water intake by the plants. It further motives Oxygen Deficiency conditions for the plants, which is the most significant environmental factor for stress, reduced growth, injury, and death of crops.

Overuse of water in irrigation is the reason for drought, evaporation, salinization of the field, and groundwater depletion. 

Lack of optimum moisture in the soil, crops get wilted and diminish the ability of transpiration. In some cases, a permanent wilting point reaches when there is no water available to the plant and leads to plant death.

Therefore, Farmers need to optimize their water use efficiency and monitor the soil moisture content at the active root zone on an everyday basis. 

geoBHUMI accurately measures soil moisture percentage at the active root zone of the crops. Thus, farmers can access soil moisture data 24X7 Anytime From Anywhere and decide accurate irrigation cycle to maintain a proper balance of moisture and oxygen at the active root zone of the crops and as a result improve the growth of plants, quality, and quantity of yield, reduce production cost and thus, improve sustainable profit.