Water is crucial to all life, even the most hardy desert plants needs water but at the same time every farmer knows that high moisture due to over-irrigation, the roots of the plants can rot and also cannot get required oxygen from the soil for survival.

When oxygen content of the soil drops below 10%, root growth of most plants will be limited and oxygen deficiency will cause stress, reduced growth, injury and even death of the plants. Oxygen is also needed for the microorganisms that releases plant nutrients to the soil.

If there is not enough water due to under-irrigation, the nutrients from the soil cannot reach through the plant and will make the crops mal-nourished.   

Plants need a proper balance of Optimum Moisture and Oxygen in the soil to grow healthy and be productive.

Precise 24X7 field information, i.e., constant monitoring soil moisture content at the active root zone of the crop, Soil Temperature, Air Temperature & Air Humidity will help the farmers to decide when to irrigate & how much water to maintain balance of Optimum Moisture and Oxygen and get higher and better yields, even with much lesser water.

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