We, KonceptogenAgro, commit ourselves to Save Mother Nature for our future generations, specially groundwater.

Statistics show that 70-80% water is over-irrigated in Indian Agriculture due to lack of proper device available till now to measure & optimize moisture content in the active root zone of the crop.

We are over-exploiting the groundwater reservoirs for years & thus, most of these reservoirs are already in critical condition.

Agriculture is the largest contributor of Indian economy. More than 60% of Indian population is engaged with agriculture & its related business.

But three major & burning challenges are facing in today’s agriculture industry are :

  1. Ground water depleting faster than we realized; 
  2.  Number of farmers is reducing due to environmental & financial uncertainties and migration to cities; &
  3. Farming land reducing due to erosion & urbanization

At the same time, the world population is growing at a faster rate and the demand of food is to grow as high as 60%.  The need of the hour is to bridge the gap and mitigate these challenges.

Therefore, cost effective automation & modernization are the need of the farmers of Indian sub-continent which reduce the cost of crop generation & improve yield by providing right farming condition to meet the 60% growth in food demand of the world by 2050.

Soil moisture management contributes 70% to the productivity of crop yield, therefore, management of soil moisture is the most crucial part of farming.

But till now, soil moisture is been managed by based on experience of the farmers which prone to approximation and assumption.

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