Technical Collaboration with IIT - Bombay

Continuous accurate & precise monitoring of Soil Moisture at the active root zone of the crops and its related factors like Soil Temperature and Microclimates of the field i.e., Air Humidity and Air Temperature is the answer for all above Moisture Management related the most critical questions of the growers.


In-build GPRS, GSM & GPS image Multi-lingual Option


Data available your mother Tongue


For Soil Moisture Condition Analysis of Crop Cycles. Graphical Data Analysis – 10 Different Graph Options


Absolutely User Friendly


Constantly Shows The Installation Location of Devices In The Field On Screen


Data Analysis & Suggestions By Agro Experts


For Easy Offline Analysis


Operates 24X7. Free From “No Power” Situation

Our Experts always ready to work with you.

Best in Class

geoBHUMIFor Farmers


  • No Training
  • Save Money and Sustainability
  • Easy access of Data
  • Digital and Visual
  • Co-ordination
  • Inexpensive

geoBHUMI developed for Indian farmers. They are enable to use the device effectively without any training.

geoBHUMI will ensure better health of soil & crop to earn money and save the cost of electricity, labor, and water.

All Data, Analysis, Graph, Task, Notification, Communication - Anytime and from Anywhere.

Data are available in both digital and visual formats for everyone's understanding

Chat with your Company's advisors, Company people and farmers peer group to share ideas and best ethical practice.

Ensure to recover the cost with 6-7 months' time.

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