Know how Understand your field geoBHUMI Smart Farming Know Water Holding Capacity, Saturation Level, Wilting Point & Field Capacity of your farm.
geoBHUMI is a Real Time Root Zone Moisture Management Device based on Diffuse Reflectance Spectrophotometry (DRS) principal.
Features Get Accurate Irrigation cycle geoBHUMI Smart Farming Measures Right Irrigation Cycle to Maintain Accurate Quantity of Moisture at the Root Zone & thus makes Crop Healthier. No more digging your Field, Complicated Testing Reports, Assumptions , Predictions. geoBHUMI gives Real time data - Soil Moisture Content , Soil Temperature & Microclimates i.e. Air Humidity & Air Temperature Anytime from Anywhere . Know more Remotely controlled 24x7 geoBHUMI Smart Farming With geoBHUMI Instantly measure Real Time. Soil Mositure Content - Soil Temperature - Air Humidity - Air Temperature.
Calculate accurate Management Allowable Depletion at your finger tips.
Save money, Better Yield and More Profit With geoBHUMI With geoBHUMI improve Crop yield, Health of plants and soil, Fertilizers optimisation.
Save Water, Electricity, Labour and Money.
A Technology Platform for

Smart Farming

geoBHUMI is Remote Controlled Non Contact mode Soil Moisture Management Device Based on Diffuse Reflectance Spectrophotometry Principle.


In-build GPRS, GSM & GPS


Data available your mother Tongue


For Soil Moisture Condition Analysis of Crop Cycles. Graphical Data Analysis – 10 Different Graph Options


Absolutely User Friendly

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Technology with farming

Precision farming through Automation

Users can access the most vital parameters & access these data 24X7 Anytime From Anywhere in both digital & graphical formats.

  • Real Time Root Zone Moisture Content
  • Real Time Soil Temperature
  • Real Time Air Humidity
  • Real Time Air Temperature
At your finger tips

Realtime Data driven Agriculture by geoBHUMI

Data Driven Decisions for Farmers improves Health of
Soil, Better Crop Yield & thereby maximising Profits.

About us

History of Development

On basis of various Govt. disheartening research reports on water scarcity and a survey of over 3,000 farmers across India, KonceptogenAgro took the initiative to save fast depleting groundwater as well as providing solutions to the farmers’ effort to adapt much-needed precision farming.

Prof. Tapanendu Kundu – Dean-Student Affairs & Prof. Dept of Physics of IIT-B, one of the finest scientists in India today in his own right, assisted by his able student Ms. Geethu Poonhan, indigenously innovated & developed geoBHUMI  – Non-Contact mode Real Moisture Management in March 2018.

Post field trial for over 26 Months at various farmers plots commercially geoBHUMI has launched in January 2020.

  • Results within 0.9 seconds
  • Operates in all type of Soils
  • Less Expensive
  • Extremely accurate in any Soil type
  • Instant results in Mobile and Other devices
  • Fastest response to soil changes
  • No Periodic Calibration required
  • Absolute user friendly
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Are you ready to do Smart Farming ?

The Ultimate More With Less Concept to improve the health of the crops, yield & its quality, and reduce production cost.


    Farmers love geoBHUMI

    We were using traditional way for irrigation. Since last 6 months I am using geoBHUMI and have saved extra water I used to give in field. It has also increased our yield.

    Pallavi N Yadav
    Farmer, Pune

    I always believed in technology. Before six months I have started using geoBHUMI device for my field. Results make me surprised.Now i am giving much less water for my crops and increaseed productivity. It is true friends of farmers.

    Shivaji Konde
    Farmer, Pune

    Every farmer wish to have healthy plants in their field.Soil moisture plays most important role to better crops health and increase their productivity. Using geoBHUMI device we have saved approximately 6 lac 30 thousands ltr. water in past 6 month and have much healthier plant.

    Vaibhav Shinde
    Farm Manager, KVK, Narayngaon

    I am extremely happy with geoBHUMI. I understand now the maximum allowable depletion of my field and I irrigate now accordingly. It also inform me Air Humidity and Air Temperature as an allarm of pest attack in my field. It is indeed a great innovation for Indian farmers.

    Mauli Pawar
    Farmer, Sinner

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